Product Innovations

Innovative Ideas from a Global Perspective

With R&D Centers located around the world, we are able to stay on the leading edge of technology and new product innovation. This allows East Balt Bakeries to create unique and exciting new bakery products for your business.

The Art of Baking With the Help of Science

Product Integrity

Customers and consumers are much more aware and concerned about the food they eat than ever before. They want to know what’s in it, where it came from, and how it was prepared. In partnership with our customers, we’re doing many of these things around the world to make sure consumers feel good about their food.

Our Diverse Global team of Technical Professionals merge the art of baking with the science of food chemistry & process engineering to tailor products to fit local tastes. We’re evolving our ingredients to use the simplest and most essential raw materials to deliver the products that our customers want and expect.

East Balt Bakeries develops over 150 Global New Product Concepts Annually. We strive to marry custom solutions to meet your unique needs, while meeting all applicable food safety and regulatory compliance standards.