East Balt's Vision
East Balt’s Mission is to be “Bakery Industry Leaders in Quality, Service, and Innovation”. Leveraging the strengths of our global system, we steadfastly work to drive our customers’ success and provide value to our owners, to the communities we serve around the globe, and to our employees. 
Over 50 Years

  Client Testimonials

“East Balt provided us with ideas and input that allows us to make systematic improvements to our business.”
-Susan Forsell, McDonald’s Quality Assurance
“East Balt South Africa has been responsible for a significant improvement in our bread layer and their support, professionalism and customer service has assisted KFC to increase sales in this very important region. The East Balt team are professional, world-class bakers.”
-Andre Strydom, Purchasing Director, KFC South Africa
“It is our great pleasure to work with East Balt Korea on Bushman bread, a product of great acclaim in our Outback system. East Balt Korea has shown the best quality and highest good safety levels and their flexibility to react and support our operation gives us great confidence in the relationship. We are making each other successful.”
-Charlie Shin, Purchasing Director, Outback Steak House Korea